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A paper on observed climate sensitivity by Lindzen and Choi, May 2011

Yup, CO2’s going up and the models say the temperature should be going up too – but the temperature isn’t going up.  So why is that? I would expect that most people who are seriously interested in global warming know … Continue reading

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Some more on how the sun affects cloud formation

DTU Space scientists have directly demonstrated in a new experiment that cosmic radiation can create small floating particles – so-called aerosols – in the atmosphere.  By doing so, they substantiate the connection between the Sun’s magnetic activity and the Earth’s … Continue reading

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Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets – CLOUD

It was observed by Danish physicists (Fris Christensen and Lassen) that global temperature correlated very well with sunspot count.  This was put forward as important in the global warming debate.  However the idea never made it into the IPCC models.  … Continue reading

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