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4 out of 5 Australians say ‘No Carbon Tax’

From an article at Joanne Nova’s site. A Channel 9 poll of about 159,000 people shows 83% of Aussies do not support a carbon tax, while 17% do.  Here’s the link to Joanne’s post. The result is similar to the … Continue reading

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An ‘engineered’ food crisis?

Last week an article titled “How we engineered the food crisis” was in the UK Guardian.  Interestingly, the article does not focus on ‘climate change’ as the cause.  Instead, Henry Miller’s article lists large scale disasters causing localised crop failures, deadly strains of wheat pathogen and … Continue reading

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Earth hour poetry

A friend wrote a poem about earth hour which I thought was worth sharing.  Very succinct.  So with thanks to Mike Smith for allowing me to share ‘By Cripes’ with you: By cripes, these days it’s really quite confusing Trying to decide … Continue reading

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Solar and lunar effects – and earthquakes

I continued looking around for some more information on the link between solar effects and earthqaukes and I found a youtube video. It is an interview with Piers Corbyn.  The interviewer covers some other aspects of the Japan earthquake for … Continue reading

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Solar Effects and Earthquakes

There is huge devastation in Japan due to the earthquake there.  In New Zealand the focus had been the earthquake in Christchurch.  Two earthquakes in close succession.  Wow. Now I’d like to share a ‘train of thought’ with you.  Tonight, (a couple … Continue reading

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Still on the mercury trail – Another letter to EECA

If you look below you’ll see I made a submission to EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) in regard to CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps).  These units contain mercury – which is extremely bad for people, animals and the environment. I received … Continue reading

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Carbon Tax Survey Result – New Zealand

Over the last week or so Family First (a group promoting family values in New Zealand, conducted a survey of their readership.  Nearly all of the questions were around family and moral issues.  The results showed very strong support … Continue reading

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CFLs Contain Mercury. EECA promotes CFLs. IPENZ suggests a mercury label for them. And Germany wants to ban them.

The various approaches to CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). In New Zealand, March 2011: IPENZ’s (Institution of Professional Engineers) weekly newsletter included an item about its submission to EECA.  It included a mention of the mercury issue.  The last two bullet … Continue reading

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CFLs Contain Mercury – Response from EECA

Carolyn at EECA kindly acknowledged receipt of my submission.  Refer to my 28 February post for a copy of the submission. Here is Carolyn’s response: Dear Anthony,   Thank you for your submission – I have made a note of your concerns … Continue reading

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Incredible Ignorance: EPA air chief does not know how much CO2 is in the air

The US Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) air cheif was asked if she had any idea of what the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide is.  She admitted she didn’t. How incredibly ignorant.  How can someone with this level of understanding hold down … Continue reading

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