4 out of 5 Australians say ‘No Carbon Tax’

From an article at Joanne Nova’s site.

A Channel 9 poll of about 159,000 people shows 83% of Aussies do not support a carbon tax, while 17% do.  Here’s the link to Joanne’s post.


The result is similar to the “NZ should scrap the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)” question in Family First’s survey. 67% of those who answered wanted to scrap the ETS, 14% would keep it, and 19% have not made up their mind.


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3 Responses to 4 out of 5 Australians say ‘No Carbon Tax’

  1. Roofer says:

    Well reported – I think the tide of opinion will flow towards common sense. This whole ETS – Carbon Tax etc is the biggest scam the world has ever seen. The Carbon Tax in Australia will be worse and even companies like Stramit (owned by Fletchers) will decline in value as steel will be economically priced out of the global economy. CO2 is used by plants in Photosynthesis to produce sugars, carbohydrates etc and believe it or not, Oxygen.
    Keep up the good work!

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