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Sshh – Don’t talk about the science, Bob Carter

Professor Bob Carter recently had an article in Quadrant Online – commenting on Australia’s move towards a tax on carbon dioxide emmissions. Bob is a New Zealander; a geologist with degrees from both Otago University (geology) and Cambridge University (palaeontology).  He … Continue reading

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Can a group of scientists in California end the war on climate change?

In 1964, Richard Muller, a 20-year-old graduate student with neat-cropped hair, walked into Sproul Hall at the University of California, Berkeley, and joined a mass protest of unprecedented scale. The activists, a few thousand strong, demanded that the university lift … Continue reading

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The Re-Insurance Industry and Climate Hype

  Here’s an article by Christopher Booker in London’s Telegraph.  He says the warmists have sound financial grounds for climate hype, “But no financial interest stands to make more from exaggerating the risks of climate change than the re-insurance industry, which charges … Continue reading

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