Sshh – Don’t talk about the science, Bob Carter

Professor Bob Carter recently had an article in Quadrant Online – commenting on Australia’s move towards a tax on carbon dioxide emmissions.

Bob is a New Zealander; a geologist with degrees from both Otago University (geology) and Cambridge University (palaeontology).  He has studied climate for over 40 years, looking at climate change over the long ages of earth’s history.  He is one the top scientists on this topic in the world.  Bob’s views are scientifically sound.  He now lives and works in Australia.

Here’s a short extract from the article:

“Despite this lack of evidence for dangerous, or potentially dangerous, warming, and despite the lack of efficacy of cutting carbon dioxide emissions as a means of preventing the trivial warming that is likely to occur (cutting all of Australia’s emissions would theoretically prevent, perhaps, around one-thousandth of a degree of warming), the political course in Canberra is now set on carbon tax autopilot, and the plane is flying squarely into the eye of a storm that is labelled “let’s spin a regressive new tax as a virtuous environmental measure”.

For instance, the Prime Minister says:

I also want to be very clear with Australians about what pricing carbon does. It has price impacts. It’s meant to. That’s the whole point.

No, Prime Minister, that is not the point at all. The point is supposed to be attaining a meaningful reduction in future warming, which a carbon dioxide taxation policy will not achieve – even were it to successfully close down the entire industrial economy of Australia”.

Here’s a link to whole article for you:

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