A legal battle looming

From an item at Climate Realists by John O’Sullivan.  http://climaterealists.com/?id=7512

Dr. Tim Ball is a talented climate scientist who has been working hard to expose the alarm over global warming.  He now unfortunately faces two costly courtroom battles.

Dr. Tim Ball is widely recognized as one of Canada’s first qualified climate scientists and has long taken a brave stand in speaking out on corruption and unethical practices. Two global warming doomsayers Ball has targeted are professors Michael Mann and Andrew Weaver.  They are now suing Tim for libel with the backing of Big Green donors.

Click to read an interview with Dr. Ball by John O’Sullivan.  http://johnosullivan.livejournal.com/34877.html

Tim’s website is: http://drtimball.com.  It contains much useful information.  And anyone wanting to donate to Tim can do so at his site:

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  1. “create a better environment for job creators in this country.” Really (snip)? What about the people who have those jobs?

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