More tornadoes – and global cooling?

Some global warming alarmists have said the recent tornadoes in USA were caused by global warming.  Here is some interesting information by Lawrence Solomon that indicates the opposite might be happening.  Tornadoes seem to be more correlated to cooling than warming.

His article over at National Post starts:

‘Tornadoes are associated with episodes of great temperature contrasts, often involving unseasonably cold air colliding with warm air. During the 1960s and 1970s, when global temperatures cooled so much that scientists believed we were entering a period of global cooling , the number of tornadoes rose. 1973, which saw 1100 tornadoes in the U.S., was dubbed The Year of the Tornado, only to be followed by the fiercer Widespread Tornado Outbreak of 1974: Of that year’s 148 tornadoes, 118 tore up swathes of at least one mile in length and claimed 330 deaths. As temperatures rose in the following decades, tornadoes steadily declined in number.’

Click the link below for the whole article.

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