The low carbon economy winding down in the UK?

“Tories tear green credentials to shreds”, is the headline of an item at BusinessGreen.  The article starts:

“Has there been a more anti-environmental political conference at any point over the past decade than this year’s annual Conservative party jamboree in Manchester?

The answer is almost certainly not, and after a week of high-carbon policy announcements and sidelining of environmental issues, the hard-fought political consensus on the urgent need to create a world-leading, low-carbon economy seems under serious threat for the first time in a decade.”

Meanwhile New Zealand continues with it’s pointless emissions trading scheme and Australia decides what it’s going to do very soon.


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8 Responses to The low carbon economy winding down in the UK?

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  3. Precious says:

    Umm, are you really just giving this info out for nothing?

  4. Maurice@TheMount says:

    Carbon…the Jekyll and Hyde element.

    Carbon has two oxides…..CO (Carbon monoxide) the silent killer and CO2 (Carbon dioxide) the giver of ALL life on earth…..CO2 (Plant Food)

    All plant life gets it’s CO2 (Plant Food) from the atmosphere, and uses it in the photosynthesis process of growth. Because earths atmosphere is CO2 (Plant Food) impoverished, many greenhouse growers pump much CO2 in to enhance growth.

    All life on earth would benefit greatly with much more CO2 (Plant Food) in the atmosphere, making a ” low carbon economy” ” anti life stupidity”.

    Atmospheric CO2 (Plant Food) is and always has been measured in “Parts per million by volume”. Currently less than 400 ppmv…that is less than 0.04% of our atmosphere by volume.

    • Anthony says:

      Agreed Maurice, good to have you stop by again. And there’s another one too, CO3 (carbonate). When it joins up with Ca (Calcium) shell fish and coral reefs make good use of it.

  5. Maurice@TheMount says:

    On an annual basis, all Human activity produces 3% of Earth’s CO2 (Plant Food), Nature produces 97%.
    And never forget, Man made or Natural it is the same molecule, one atom Carbon, two atoms Oxygen…..PLANT FOOD.

  6. Thomas Fox says:

    How can any country follow this low carbon idiolagy when it is not based on true science but on unproven myths . To control the gases in air is behond the ability of scientists never mind some woolly thinking consensus politicians !

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