Carbon Tax Survey Result – New Zealand

Over the last week or so Family First (a group promoting family values in New Zealand, conducted a survey of their readership.  Nearly all of the questions were around family and moral issues.  The results showed very strong support for the work they do, and the position they take.

 There was one question in the mix that was a bit different from the rest.  It was about New Zealand’s ETS, Emission Trading Scheme, or in other words our carbon tax.  The statement was “New Zealand should scrap the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).”  67% strongly agreed or agreed that it should be scrapped.  19% were neutral or unsure.  While 14% strongly disagreed or disagreed with scrapping it.  There were about 2400 responses.

‘Democracy in action’, or was that democracy ‘inaction’.  New Zealand’s politicians seem to be following the wish of the 14%.

Given Family First’s primary focus is not environmental, I suggest that the reponse to this question would represent the general feeling of New Zealanders.

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  1. Richard Cumming says:

    “New Zealand’s politicians seem to be following the wish of the 14%.”

    I doubt whether they are even following the wish of the 14%. It’s not the electorate that they are listening to and it’s certainly not the entirety of scientific research investigating all climate driver hypotheses including natural cycles.

    John Key is listening to his (one and only) science adviser Sir Peter Gluckman, for whom climate science is not his area of expertise but undeterred, offers his myopic perspective anyway.

    Other (shrill) voices that have been listened to and gullibly believed have been: Ban Ki-moon (why?); an assortment of very influential Wellington policy wonks not the least being those forming foreign trade policy; the odd celebrity; advocacy groups; and (but not least) the coterie of government funded scientists and academics that benefit rather nicely from the perpetuation of a very convenient scary story.

    i.e. Not the electorate.

    Fortunately, the government has had some reality forced upon them in the form of a very destructive, expensive and fatal earthquake. Hopefully now, that perspective will have as a base, the real and present effects of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis instead of an imaginary risk some decades away, the only basis for which is the output of computer models hard-wired with Co2.

    • Anthony says:

      Richard – Good points.
      Agreed. They are not following the wishes of the 14%. Some of that 14% would want an even stronger ETS. So, as you say, they have their own agenda, very likely driven by the sources you mention.
      I agree they certainly do not appear to consider scientific work from the ‘other side’ by the likes of R Lindzen, R Spencer, W Soon, R Carter, H Svensmark, etc.
      The general point remains though, the result shows clearly the majority NZers don’t want the ETS – me included.
      Thank you for commenting.

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