Earth hour poetry

A friend wrote a poem about earth hour which I thought was worth sharing.  Very succinct.  So with thanks to Mike Smith for allowing me to share ‘By Cripes’ with you:

By cripes, these days it’s really quite confusing

Trying to decide which bulb we should be using

The compact fluorescent lamp will save us long term money

But they’re made with mercury, which makes the fish smell funny


The fridge takes really good care of my alcohol

Working efficiently thanks to thermostatic control

If I switch it off to put the power bill on hold

It’ll cost twice as much again to get it bloody cold


So much fuss these days on saving energy

By reducing our use and production of electricity

But before we congratulate ourselves with backslap, smile and shout

Remember the profit’s better if we spread more of the stuff about


I’ll still participate in Saturday’s global earth hour

I’ll switch off, go outside, look up and see how small we really are

Our stay on this world is only temporary, in life, civilisation and history

When we’re gone, the earth now dark and cold

Somewhere else, out there, a seed takes hold

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