Solar and lunar effects – and earthquakes

I continued looking around for some more information on the link between solar effects and earthqaukes and I found a youtube video.

It is an interview with Piers Corbyn.  The interviewer covers some other aspects of the Japan earthquake for a few minutes before interviewing Piers.

Piers Corbyn is an astrophysisist with an incredible record of weather predictions based on solar and lunar effects.  When it comes to the sun, the moon, and our weather – he is one of the world’s best.  The video is definitely worth a listen.

And over at Climate Realists there is an article describing what might have caused thee other volcanoes to erupt about the same time as the Japan earthquake.

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3 Responses to Solar and lunar effects – and earthquakes

  1. Richard Cumming says:

    The fixation on climate change has relegated the research of the impact of solar, lunar and celestial forces on the earth to obscurity but the recent disasters have brought them back into focus thankfully. The cycles of planets, sunspots, cosmic rays, magnetism etc play a far greater part in our environment than has been given due. Interesting too, the biblical prophesies of “earthquakes in divers places”.

    I’ve compiled a linked list of papers and articles documenting alternative climate driver hypotheses (except AGW) that overlap with seismic effects due to the same natural origins that can be accessed here:-

    There’s a stack of reading but at least there’s documented falsifiable hypotheses – unlike AGW. The last paper on the list has been used to make successful predictions (inverted SOI leading temperature by 7 months) despite the efforts of AGW to proponents to suppress and vilify it. Landscheidt made similar successful predictions years ago from further out but you wont hear about that in the MSM.

    • Anthony says:

      Thank you for your thoughts and for sharing the papers.

      Some readers might find the papers heavy going. There are a number of good books around too. One I recommend is “Climate: The Counter Consensus” by Prof. Robert Carter. Prof. Carter summarises the background, the science, the abuse of science, and much more besides.

  2. Jordan says:

    Its good to see some decent research is being done out there, particularly by Piers Corbyn, and also that global warming is being exposed for the lie it really is. Good work Kiwi Thinker.

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