Solar Effects and Earthquakes

There is huge devastation in Japan due to the earthquake there.  In New Zealand the focus had been the earthquake in Christchurch.  Two earthquakes in close succession.  Wow.

Now I’d like to share a ‘train of thought’ with you.  Tonight, (a couple of hours after the Japan earthquake) I was talking with an old friend.  We considered a possible link between solar activity and earthquakes.  My friend is a PhD civil engineer/hydrologist.  He’s right up there when it comes to computer models and hydrology.

I read Anthony Watts blog every day, and remembered two recent posts about major solar events.  One on 18th February and the other on 9th March.

Then something clicked; both these events occurred two or three days before the Christchurch and Japan earthquakes respectively.  So I kept looking around Anthony Watts site for some more clues and came across this gem.

Take a look at this link.  It was included in a comment by Vukcevic.

This is an ongoing ‘live’ project to establish a possible link between the geomagnetic activity (magnetic storms) and acceleration of the earthquake’s occurrence. It is not claimed that geomagnetic storm is a primary cause of any earthquake. However if conditions for an earthquake are ‘ripe’, then solar storm may be a trigger for it, and bring it forward for few hours or days.” 

Interesting eh!

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