Scientific Heresy

‘Excellent’ – ‘well written’ – ‘impressive’ – ‘superb’ – ‘devastating’ are just a few of the comments describing it.  I’ve read it.  It is absolutely impressive.

The article is a speech given by Matt Ridley on 31 October, to the Royal Society of Arts in Edinburgh.

Can I encourage you, dear reader, whoever you might be, if you have 20 minutes, to click the link and read the article?

It’s excellent, well written, impressive, superb and devastating.

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3 Responses to Scientific Heresy

  1. Robin Mead says:

    Very good article. However I have to disagree with Matt Ridley that Creationism is pseudoscience. I think you have to have more faith to believe in evolution than you do to believe that a being (God) outside of our dimensions of time and space created everything. The science behind evolution and our origins is speculative and has no proof.

    In fact I see a lot of parallels between the way that climate sceptics and creationists are treated. Anyone who questions the evolutionist dogma is vilified, belittled and ostracised. People are sacked from their jobs for holding creationist viewpoints. In many countries the teaching of the theory of creationism is banned. The media is biased and unbalanced in its reporting of creationist/evolutionist issues.

  2. Kevin Mooney says:

    I have just got around to reading this article, and agree with all but one tiny detail. That is the assertion that Elvis being alive is pseudoscience. Elvis is alive, in his 70s now, and is living in a small town in the Northern Territory of Australia. Some Friday and Saturday nights he goes down to the local pub and earns a few dollars performing as an Elvis impersonator. They say he is quite good.

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