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Scientific Heresy

‘Excellent’ – ‘well written’ – ‘impressive’ – ‘superb’ – ‘devastating’ are just a few of the comments describing it.  I’ve read it.  It is absolutely impressive. The article is a speech given by Matt Ridley on 31 October, to the … Continue reading

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An interview with Patrick Moore

Just prior to his presentation (see the previous post) Patrick Moore was interviewed by Roger Currie on Frontier Radio.  I like Dr. Moore’s approach to environmental issues; that he includes human needs in the mix, that he takes a balanced and scientific … Continue reading

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A really good environmentalist – Dr. Patrick Moore

I’d like to introduce Patrick Moore.  Dr. Moore was a co-founder of Greenpeace about 40 years ago.  Under his direction, Greenpeace had a huge influence on the world.  For example; taking on USA’s hydrogen bomb testing – and winning; taking on French nuclear … Continue reading

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A ‘values’ check – –

A friend brought a letter to my attention.  It was on page 24 of the April 5th issue of NZ’s Rural News.  The letter is about abortion and animal welfare. Here’s a short extract from the letter :- “… However, every time I … Continue reading

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Where did the 50 million climate refugees go?

Well – they didn’t need to go anywhere.  I found this piece of news at Anthony Watts’ blog.  Here’s a short introduction:- In 2005, the United Nations Environment Programme predicted that climate change would create 50 million climate refugees by 2010. … Continue reading

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DDT, malaria, sled dogs, people and death

Last week I was at a training course over in Australia.  One of the presenters was a top policeman who shared some of his leadership experiences.  One of them was about a time he spent in Africa.  The sickness and death that occurs … Continue reading

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