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A paper on observed climate sensitivity by Lindzen and Choi, May 2011

Yup, CO2’s going up and the models say the temperature should be going up too – but the temperature isn’t going up.  So why is that? I would expect that most people who are seriously interested in global warming know … Continue reading

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Some more on how the sun affects cloud formation

DTU Space scientists have directly demonstrated in a new experiment that cosmic radiation can create small floating particles – so-called aerosols – in the atmosphere.  By doing so, they substantiate the connection between the Sun’s magnetic activity and the Earth’s … Continue reading

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Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets – CLOUD

It was observed by Danish physicists (Fris Christensen and Lassen) that global temperature correlated very well with sunspot count.  This was put forward as important in the global warming debate.  However the idea never made it into the IPCC models.  … Continue reading

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The two main effects of NZ’s new emissions target – unknown, could be exorbitant high cost and yet negligible climate benefit

On 5 April I wrote to Dr Nick Smith, New Zealand’s Minister for Climate Change Issues, asking what will be the expected economic cost and temperature reduction benefit from the Government’s new emissions reduction target.  The new target:  to reduce … Continue reading

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New Shale Gas Report Challenges Global Climate Policy

On May 4th The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) published a detailed report about the shale gas revolution and its likely implications climate policy. The introduction reads: ‘The detection and exploitation of shale gas has been described as nothing less … Continue reading

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More tornadoes – and global cooling?

Some global warming alarmists have said the recent tornadoes in USA were caused by global warming.  Here is some interesting information by Lawrence Solomon that indicates the opposite might be happening.  Tornadoes seem to be more correlated to cooling than … Continue reading

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Fear, guilt, virtue and religious environmentalism

I recently read ‘State of Fear’, a science fiction novel by Michael Crichton.  It is a controversial book about some misguided environmentalists and their plans and attempts to cause disaster in support of their cause.  Its very exciting.  A real page turner. … Continue reading

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A tribute to Noor van Andel – physicist and inventor

Noor van Andel was a physicist and inventor.  In the Dutch climate community he was known by his own approach to address the issue of global warming.  Sadly, on 19 April 2011 he passed away. Over at Roger Pielke’s site … Continue reading

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A discussion with a protestor at St Leonard’s Station

Here’s what happened to me early April at St Leonard’s Station, (which is just north of Sydney for non Aussies).  I had an encounter with a young man returning from the carbon protest. I’m a kiwi, and I was visiting … Continue reading

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Where did the 50 million climate refugees go?

Well – they didn’t need to go anywhere.  I found this piece of news at Anthony Watts’ blog.  Here’s a short introduction:- In 2005, the United Nations Environment Programme predicted that climate change would create 50 million climate refugees by 2010. … Continue reading

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