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Huge shale gas find in UK, reported by BBC Northwest evening news

There could be enough gas to save the UK from their death spiral of increasing energy costs.  People are wondering if its too good to be true.  Well it sounds very much to me that its real enough alright.  Very … Continue reading

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New Shale Gas Report Challenges Global Climate Policy

On May 4th The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) published a detailed report about the shale gas revolution and its likely implications climate policy. The introduction reads: ‘The detection and exploitation of shale gas has been described as nothing less … Continue reading

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Solar and lunar effects – and earthquakes

I continued looking around for some more information on the link between solar effects and earthqaukes and I found a youtube video. It is an interview with Piers Corbyn.  The interviewer covers some other aspects of the Japan earthquake for … Continue reading

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