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Huge shale gas find in UK, reported by BBC Northwest evening news

There could be enough gas to save the UK from their death spiral of increasing energy costs.  People are wondering if its too good to be true.  Well it sounds very much to me that its real enough alright.  Very … Continue reading

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New Shale Gas Report Challenges Global Climate Policy

On May 4th The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) published a detailed report about the shale gas revolution and its likely implications climate policy. The introduction reads: ‘The detection and exploitation of shale gas has been described as nothing less … Continue reading

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An interview with Patrick Moore

Just prior to his presentation (see the previous post) Patrick Moore was interviewed by Roger Currie on Frontier Radio.  I like Dr. Moore’s approach to environmental issues; that he includes human needs in the mix, that he takes a balanced and scientific … Continue reading

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A really good environmentalist – Dr. Patrick Moore

I’d like to introduce Patrick Moore.  Dr. Moore was a co-founder of Greenpeace about 40 years ago.  Under his direction, Greenpeace had a huge influence on the world.  For example; taking on USA’s hydrogen bomb testing – and winning; taking on French nuclear … Continue reading

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Professor John Christy on climate change

It’s great that some mainstream media are beginning to look at and talk about what is really happening with climate change. Here’s another interview that’s worth a listen. The person being interviewed is Prof. John Christy.  He is one of THE genuine experts on this topic.  John works at the … Continue reading

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Professor Richard Lindzen on Australian radio

Prof. Richard Lindzen is likely the world’s most repsected climate scientist.  He was recently interviewed by Chris Smith on Australian radio. I highly recommend you spend 14 mintes to listen to the interview. Go on.  Click the link.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Energy crisis over – for 250 years?

From an article in the Register by Andrew Orlowski. Here are some extracts. The “Energy Crisis” is over, according to some analyses, with new gas discoveries securing supplies for as much as 250 years. The big winners include Argentina … Continue reading

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